Pharmacology and Therapeutics - PROGRAMS OFFERED
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Pharmacology and Therapeutics is one of the core disciplines for undergraduate students pursuing most medical related coursed such as pharmacy, medicine and nursing. 

The unit provides training in Pharmacology and Therapeutics primarily to undergraduate students pursuing Bachelor of Pharmacy degree programs.  These students are taught over a period of four years.  Pharmacology and Therapeutics is a prerequisite for courses in Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice. 

In addition the thematic unit provides training to undergraduate students pursuing Bachelor of Science in Laboratory Science.

At post-graduate level, the thematic unit offers a Masters in Molecular Pharmacology. In addition, the thematic unit offers training on Biological Assays to learners pursuing Master of Science in Pharmacognosy and Complementary Medicine.  Learners are taught on how to investigate the biological effects of plant materials using isolated tissues and whole animals.