Dr Esther Karumi attends Joint Advanced Seminar (JAS1) for CARTA fellows
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Mon, 2015-07-06 13:44

Following her award of the Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa (CARTA) PhD fellowship, Dr. Esther Karumi (middle in black jacket) was invited for a Joint Advanced Seminar (JAS1) for CARTA fellows from 2nd to 27th March, 2015 at Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi.

Central to the training program for CARTA fellows is a series of Joint Advanced Seminars (JAS1-4) which are designed to enhance skills and knowledge in research and to provide a foundation for building networks of researchers, peers and mentors. These JAS are residential training programs offered annually for four years and builds skills and conceptual depth from year to year. Each JAS runs for three to four weeks.

This residential training seminar was undertaken by Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa (CARTA). Participants were researchers from various African universities and medical research institutions, whose research areas touch on public and population health issues; and whose institutions are members of CARTA. This JAS was the first in a series of four.

The training seminar was quite intense and the following issues were covered:

  • Plagiarism and other scholarship values
  • Trends and challenges in PhD completion
  • Reading, writing and referencing for research
  • Application of skills in searching various databases
  • Knowledge philosophy in public and population health
  • Critical thinking
  • Research challenges in global public health
  • Health diplomacy
  • The human right to health
  • Developing a research question
  • Research design and methodological choices
  • Gender and Sexuality in Africa
  • How research feeds into the health system
  • Culture and health
  • Theories of causality
  • Leadership


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