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The Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy was established as a section of the then Department of Pharmacy in 1977. At that time majority of the academic staff members were foreign.

Over the years the section has evolved to become the DOPP presently consisting of eleven academic staff including 3 professors, 1 associate professor, 1 senior lecturer, 4 lecturers and 5 tutorial fellows. In addition, the department has a team of technical staff comprising 1 principal technologist, 1 chief technologist, 2 senior technologists and two technologists. Other staff include a departmental secretary, animal attendant and an office messenger.

The departments has two sections: Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy. The staff of DOPP are committed to providing quality education to pharmacy students and service to the community at large. To this end there are numerous research projects which have been undertaken at the department, many of which are collaborative. Location:

The DOPP is strategically located at the Kenyatta National Hospital, Hospital Road, off Ngong Road.

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