Master's Graduands - Year 2014
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Department of Pharmacology And Pharmacognosy

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M.Pharm (Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacovigilance)

Ambetsa Margaret Omuronji: Incidence and Risk Factors of Renal Dysfunction in Adult Patients on Nevirapine Based Regimens at Kenyatta National Hospital (Abstract)

Gatimbu Kiogora Mwiti: Structure and Process of Periodic Safety Update Reporting System of Medicines in Kenya (Abstract)

Imbuki Evans Aketchi: Quality of Prescribing In Type 2 Diabetes Ambulatory Care at Webuye District Hospital (Abstract)

Kaburi Albert Ndwigah: Medication-Related Risk Factors for Preterm Birth in Kitui County, Kenya (Abstract)

Khaemba Christabel Nanyama: Prevalence, Risk Factors and Root Cause Analysis of Medication Errors among Paediatric In-Patients at Kisii Level 5 Hospital (Abstract)

Mecca Lucy Winkie: Financing and Availability of Essential Medicines before and after Introduction of the National Hospital Insurance Fund Civil Servants and Disciplined Services Medical Scheme: A Case Study of Webuye District Hospital, Western Kenya (Abstract)

Mulwa Charles Nicholas: Patterns of Prescribing Practices in Makueni County Referral Hospital, Kenya (Abstract)

Mwaniki Annie Wamaitha: Polypharmacy and Quality Prescribing In Geriatric Patients – A Case Study of Nyeri Provincial General Hospital (Abstract)

Njogo Susan Gichuki: Determinants of Forecast Accuracy for Paediatric Antiretroviral Drugs in Kenya (Abstract)

Obonyo Jones Makori: Patterns and Risk Factors of Alanine Transaminase elevation among HIV positive patients on Nevirapine regimens at Kenyatta National Hospital (Abstract)

Maganya Jomo Seth: Evaluation of Potential Drug-Drug Interactions among Mentally Ill Patients Admitted At Mathari Mental Hospital (Abstract)


M.Sc (Pharmacognosy and Complementary Medicine)

Kwena, Mathayo Hope: Anti-Viral Activities of Selected Kenyan Medicinal Plants against the Hepatitis - B Virus (Abstract)

Maitha, Joseph Maingi: Determination of withaferin a content of withania somnifera (L) Dunal root step and leaf extract in Kenya

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