The Cost Burden Of Breast Cancer Treatment At Kenyatta National Hospital: A Health Provider’s Perspective
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Background: Breast cancer ranks highest among the cancers affecting women in Kenya. Treatment involves surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The choice of efficacious chemotherapy has significant cost implications Associated procedures such diagnostic and routine laboratory tests and management of adverse effects of surgery and chemotherapy increases the direct cost to patients and indirect costs to the society given the poor resource setting that the country operates on.

Objective: To evaluate the medication related cost burden on breast cancer patients at Kenyatta National Hospital

Method: This is a hospital based retrospective cross-sectional study. Patients diagnosed with breast Cancer and registered at Kenyatta National Hospital registry and were receiving chemotherapy and endocrine therapy from the oncology pharmacy during the study period January 2009 and December 2013 will be identified. Ninety Three patient files will be sampled using systematic random sampling.  A customized pre tested data collection tool will be used to collect socio-demographic, clinical and cost data from patient files before entry into Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Descriptive and Exploratory data analysis will be carried out using STATA Version 12.  A total cost analysis approach will be used for this study. Costs will based on the current financial year. Ethical approval will be sought from the Kenyatta National Hospital and University of Nairobi Ethical and Research Committee.

Expected benefits: The results obtained will be useful to health providers by helping them determine the effect of treatment options and the associated costs to their patients and identify strategies that help in choosing of the best options while minimizing expenditure.