1st UoN/KNH Complementary and Alternative Medicines Symposium - Thursday 26th May, 2016
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Mon, 2016-06-20 12:19

The 1st UoN/KNH Complementary and Alternative Medicines Symposium was held on Thursday 26th May, 2016 at the College of Health Sciences, KNH Campus.

The symposium attracted over 150 participants and brought together doctors, pharmacists, herbalists, nurses, professors and students from different organizations. The Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy was well represented at the symposium. Chairman Dr. K.A. Sinei (front, R), Prof. A.N. Guantai, Prof. J. Mwangi, Dr. F.A. Okalebo, Dr. M.N. Oluka (front, L), Dr. P. Mutai, Dr. E. Karumi and Dr. N. Mukungu were all in attendance.

University of Nairobi (UoN) College of Health Sciences (CHS) Principal Prof. Isaac Kibwage says herbal medicine works and it should be used in the management of diseases.

Speaking during the 1st UoN and Kenyatta National Hospital Complementary and Alternative Medicines Symposium held on Thursday 26th May, 2016, Prof. Kibwage said there is need to have the traditional medicine practice developed further.

“Traditional medicine actually works but developing it is the biggest challenge because it is usually passed from one generation to another without proper documentation,” Prof. Kibwage said.

He challenged the practitioners to come up with recommendations that will take the practice to the next level.

“I urge you to come up with regulation levels and the type of practice to have this practice developed further for the benefit of patients,” Prof. Kibwage said.

He also challenged the practitioners to take into account the security of patients and ensure that they are only meant to heal them and not to harm them.

On her part, Kenyatta National Hospital CEO Lily Koros Tare called on players in the convention, herbal, alternative and complementary medicine to establish a common ground for discussion towards complementing the fight against human diseases.

She said this will not only benefit the patients but will also achieve the accredited vision of the world Health Organization of 2014- 2023.

She further advised on the need to include herbal, alternative and complementary medicine in the curriculum of the College of Health Sciences and other health training institutions.

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